It’s been a while.

I see the chin continues to grow and the hair continues to fry.

Can’t believe she’s got a book. The title just makes me laugh laugh laugh! I wonder if she did that on purpose…?

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Okay I logged on for fun (I haven’t kept myself up to date on MP since GG was down) and I couldn’t resist this time. OMFG!!! That video was so obnoxiously bright!! It hurt my eyes. :(

It’s funny because normally people make “colourporn” psds for videos to make them bright and colourful but for MP you have to do the opposite because her videos are always overly colour corrected and too bright (to make her skin look white-r!)

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But what if I’m just inspired…” “It’s just a cute fashion…” - again, it is really problematic when a part of someone’s culture gets stripped down to a commodity and fashionable statement. Especially by those who do not participate in the holiday or even bother to try. I personally am not against non-Latin@/Chican@ folks being invited into Dia de los Muertos events, but its completely different from someone who is simply browsing for costume ideas and decides to take this “look.” This celebration is not something you can buy and decorate with because of the fashion, it has collective and historical significance to the identities of many people.

- April’s Eye

Yeah Michelle Phan fucked up real bad.

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Waterproof Your Makeup

Don’t light a match too close to her hair; it’ll go up like dry grass…

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Daenerys Targaryen Look


1. The brows are horrendous
2. Eyeshadow application is forever disgusting! How does the neutral contouring shade look natural on you? BLEND BLEND BLEND WOMAN!
3. The LORAC palette is a gem but you raped it, as with that MUFE cream palette!
4. That dress nearer to the end of the clip is too loose.
5. Of course she had to credit HERSELF as the editor. Duh!

6. Again using a much lighter foundation shade!
7. No Michelle, there’s nothing EPIC about the makeup.

What’s your take on the video?

Woah gurl. That is some damn heavy makeup for a Mother of Dragons who is more focused on taking back the Iron Throne (ahem and freeing slaves) than anything. Dany barely wears makeup in the show; mostly blush tbh. (Then again, Emilia is just stunning so.) Too much eye makeup! eh heheh bad brows (what’s new?)

Michelle, you are no Khaleesi.

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Puffy Eyes (Smiling Eyes)

Haha, this is not a desirable version of this look. Too much shadow on the bottom lid. Either she’s squinting or it makes her look like she’s squinting - Neither are a good thing.

"Puffy eyes" are never nice to have. LOL Bad way to describe it; it’s like you have an infection? Also, having "smiling eyes" (or eye smile) is different from having the cute fat/eyebags (aegyo sal [because, like always, she is trying to do a Korean style]) under your eye/on your lower lid. :/

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6 years difference…

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Messages in my askbox. 

I wasn’t sure if I should just publish them, so, this is my solution. :)

I followed Michelle back in the day of her Xanga blog, so a loooong time ago. We talked a few times on her xanga blog and she added me to her friends list. She always used to talk about how badly she wanted to be a artist on her private posts and how makeup was not her passion. In my opinion she has no makeup talent, at all…. :-( She just got lucky on youtube and got big. xx

I agree with you, she’s really not so good at makeup! It saddens me that she would just give up her art for something she doesn’t really enjoy just because she received attention for it. She talks about following your dreams but this wasn’t her dream? Why would you give up your talent for this “career” that you’re, honestly, no good at? For money. What a sellout.

Is the chin the only thing Michelle has changed? I keep seeing people say she’s had a lot done but only the chin seems different to me. Did she have botox? She’s only in her 20s, so that surprises me.

That’s the only thing that she’s admitted to (although now she takes it back because she just so happens to forget ever saying that I guess). The only other things I’ve seen speculations about is her nose. The tip and bridge look more narrow than in 2007 and the nostrils look quite different, right?

I don’t know much about botox but she had fillers injected into her infamous new chin to make it pointer and create a more V shape to her face (which does not suit her!). She could have had something done to her cheeks; they seem very pillow-y and stiff.

Her chin is just really awful to be honest—it doesn’t go with her naturally more round face shape and jaw, she looks like an Asian Jay Leno =/ It’s more the fact that she continues to bullshit about it.

THIS. I 100% agree with you about everything you just said. It makes her head look like an egg or balloon, as GGers say. :P

I kind of feel bad, simply because she clearly did it in hopes of making herself look “better” but now, I think she feels bad about it and all people can do is point it out over and over again. But at the same time, how dare she say it’s from TMJ treatments and then admit to having fillers and then again take it back and say it’s TMJ?! Really, how in the heck did she expect to get away with this?? Her job is her face. People are going to notice when you drastically change it!

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